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The first courier company in Wrocław - K2-Kurier - was established in 2007. It was just the first step in creating the best delivery service in the area.

After just few months this small company gained the trust of a great many businesses and institutions. At the time K2-Kurier was already building its unrivalled reputation, Paweł - the founder of K2 - met Maciek - the future co-owner of the best running delivery service company. Maciek came back from London where he was working in one of the top-notch messenger service company. They both decided to create an independent messenger group called Wrocław Cycle Messengers. In 2008 WCM included 4 independent companies - K2 Kurier, City Fix, Bike Trans and Tovax which then merged and became one company - Wrocław Cycle Messengers.

Over the years we have been working on creating the best delivery system and organizing numerous cycling events such as Wroclaw Cycle Messenger Championships WROSTRO 2009 or Polish Cycle Messenger Championships 2009.

Today we are more than just a messenger services company. Thanks to building our unrivalled reputation and creating excellent services we became a game changer. We pride ourselves on having the best and the fastest delivery service in the area. We cover range of deliveries - same day, express and cargo. We work for offices, organizations, online shops, restaurations, food trucks. More than that, we also offer bike service for companies. We are as flexible as you need us to be - we can provide the solution for you and you only.

The key to our success is very simple: our job is our passion.

Maciej Tucholski i Paweł Puławski


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We have the Honest Company Certificate which proves the best quality of our services.